Custom Software Development

We offer custom software development, training and consulting services. Xari is all about excellence, passion and flexibility.

We work on diverse projects ranging from simple information systems and websites to complex enterprise type architectures, desktop or web-enabled applications, traditional n-tier, service oriented architectures and mobile applications.

Going mobile will help your business streamline operations and bring value to the demanding modern customers.

We can also help you tackle Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, AI, Chat-bots, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Augmented Reality and more …

Need Dashboards, Reports, a Performance Consultation? Are you struggling with DevOps, Testing? Xari got you covered.

Our development process allows you to have more control over your product’s life cycle, to monitor every development stage, and get accurate product quality information.

Kick Off

Analyse your requirements. Build the team. Prepare technical documents. Create a basic design.


Use Scrum methodology. Get to code. Perform User Acceptance Testing. Deploy your app.


Perform continuous server monitoring. Allocate team members to fix bugs. Provide general client support.

XAF Training

Complete in-depth training in the DevExpress eXpressApp Framework. Fully personalized classes that cover from project creation to really advanced scenarios.

We have several demos and samples that present a really broad view of the framework features and will take you from File New Project to a complete and operational product.

We have discounts for group and students and you will have the choice to select a complete full course or just a refresher in an specific topic.

Whatever your needs is, Xari can help you master the framework we love. ❤❤

Actions, Controllers, Modules, Localization, Model Differences and More

Simply said: One of the best ORM in the market, and wait for it ... It is FREE!

Our training site is finally live. Click the title to learn more about XAFers Training.

Alexa Skills Development

Build for voice with the Alexa Skills

Develop Engaging Voice-First Experiences and Grow your Business with Alexa. Reach More Customers and Drive Revenue with Alexa Skills.

Sure-fire Signals Your Business Is Behind

Voice is the new GUI, the new user interface for your apps. Get ahead of your competition with a custom Alexa Skill. Not sure where to start? We can help you select the most common scenarios where Alexa can make a big difference for your clients and/or employees.

SEO Consultation and Strategy

Our promising services ensure to invest their time in understanding the requirements of the client and their site through researching. Based on this, our SEO experts map out strategies to flawlessly execute the work and deliver solutions.

You can guarantee that you are going to receive a return in investment by working with our services. Not only will you be able to bring your site at a higher ranking on the search engines, but you are also going to be able to make higher revenue whilst delivering positive impressions and impacts on the viewers, which is going to boost the quality of your site and back up your marketing strategies, adding a unique and credible outlook to your business. All that can be achieved by simply collaborating with our services and gaining what you wish to seek.

WordPress Development

All sites that we develop come with:

  • Completely optimized for mobile devices
  • Backed up to a remote server weekly
  • Contact forms
  • Accept payments for products or services
  • Use only premium themes and plugins that get upgraded when WordPress is upgraded. (Future problems can be a reality if free themes are used and are not supported)

Our pricing structure is based on a case by case basis as everyone’s requirements are different. If you have an idea for a site talk to us now and get some advice, most likely you will get a few additional ideas and get a firm fixed price on what it would take to develop it for you.


Beautiful, fast and mobile optimized.

We also offer a Maintenance Package that includes:

Website Protection -Regular backups are taken in low peak times to minimize server use, have total peace of mind that your website is easily restored in an emergency.

Regular Updates -Plugins in particular update often. Usually adding new features or updating with the WordPress core. We monitor every week and complete these updates for you.

Website Updates -Have a minor edit here or there, need to add a promo message, update an image, simply email it through and we will have it added the same day. (Minor Updates Only)


Website Protection. Regular Updates. Security

IT Consulting

We know every business has IT needs and doesn’t always have their own full-time IT staff available to handle random problems or aid in setting up the right IT infrastructure to support their growing business.

As part of our business services, we offer a wide range of IT services to numerous industries. From healthcare and manufacturing to engineering and advertising, we customize solutions to each individual business and industry.

We can manage information technology services at all levels from regulatory compliance and strategic planning to patch management and end user support, or we can partner with your existing staff bringing immediate technical maturity where needed.

Some common services we offer are:

  • Email and messaging, such as Office 365 and Exchange Online
  • Networking, such as connectivity issues and vulnerability assessments
  • Infrastructure management, such as managing multiple platforms with one tool
  • Voice and telephony, such as cloud-hosted VoIP
  • Server and desktop platforms

For more details on the services we provide, contact us today.